LinkedIn Learning - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LinkedIn Learning is an online software training service that is available to current UW-Madison students, faculty and staff. This document outlines some of the more frequently asked questions.


Do I need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning?

You will need a LinkedIn account, but you will not need a LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn account is a technical requirement for logging into LinkedIn Learning, but having an account does not mean you will need to create or maintain a profile on LinkedIn, the social media platform for networking.

If you'd rather not attach your UW-provided LinkedIn Learning subscription to your personal LinkedIn account or if you do not currently have one, a new LinkedIn account will be automatically generated for you the first time you log into the service using your NetID. If at a later date you would like to connect your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, you can do so through the LinkedIn Learning interface.

Do I need to make a new LinkedIn account if I already have one?

No - you can connect your existing LinkedIn account to your UW-provided LinkedIn Learning subscription the first time you log in, and all of your training transcript data will be carried over to the existing LinkedIn profile.

Is there any benefit to connecting my personal LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning?

There are two benefits to connecting your existing LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning. If you connect them, you will receive:

  • Personalized course recommendations based on your job title, skills, and the industry 
  • Training recommendations based on items posted to your LinkedIn profile's news feed.

What happens if I leave the university?

If you choose to connect your personal LinkedIn profile with your UW-provided LinkedIn Learning subscription, your training history is stored with you LinkedIn account, so you will still get credit for all online training attended through LinkedIn Learning, even if you change jobs or leave the university.

If you do not connect your personal LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning subscription from UW, your training history will stay with your UW account and will not persist on your LinkedIn profile if you leave the UW.

What information will be shared with the university if I connect my personal LinkedIn profile to my UW-provided LinkedIn Learning account?

LinkedIn Learning will have access to:

  • Learning activity (such as courses viewed)
  • Profile information (like your name, work title, and profile photo)
  • Any courses from your personal account that you've transferred to your university account. 

LinkedIn Learning nor UW-Madison will not have access to:

  • Your connections
  • Private messages
  •  Job search activity such as job posts you've viewed 
  • Learning courses you've viewed in your personal account.

Can I connect my personal LinkedIn account with my UW-Madison LinkedIn account at a later date?

Yes. If you later decide you'd like to connect your LinkedIn profile, you will be able to do so through the LinkedIn Learning interface.

Who has access to LinkedIn Learning at UW-Madison?

Current students, faculty, and staff are able to access LinkedIn Learning using their NetID via MyUW or by visiting

Can I access LinkedIn Learning on my smartphone or tablet?

The LinkedIn Learning web interface can be loaded by most modern devices capable of browsing the web, and native apps are available for iOS and Android.

Apps for iPhone and iPad are available through the App Store via the following link:
Apps for Android devices can be found in the Play Store via the following link:

I'm having trouble after logging into LinkedIn Learning. What should I do?

The DoIT Help Desk supports logging into LinkedIn Learning via the website, MyUW and via iOS or Android devices. We can also help with basic issues using the service. If the Help Desk staff are unable to resolve the issue, we can forward your case on to the UW-Madison LinkedIn Learning administrators for further assistance.

Why don’t I see the LinkedIn Learning module when I log into MyUW?

You may need to try manually adding the LinkedIn Learning module. To do this:

  1. Search for the module by name at the top of the screen
  2. Select the "Add to home" button located under the module in the search results. training online self-help courses videos tutorials software adobe apple microsoft expertise lil   Doc ID21673
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