Retaking a Course at UW-Madison

The following section addresses retaking classes an L&S undergraduate student has already passed on a refresher basis or failed and wishes to retake.

A student may retake a class or carry a course on a refresher basis if the student wishes to repeat a course that she/he has already passed and earned college credit.  Students will sometimes do this to improve their foundation for more advanced coursework.   Students are required to do all of the work in the course, attend classes on a regular basis, participate in class discussions, and take all exams.  The course counts as part of the regular credit load for the semester and the student earns a final grade that is included in computing the semester and cumulative grade point average.  However, credits earned for the refresher course do not count as degree credits.   In other words, degree credit will not be granted for the same course twice (or multiple times).

Retaking a Previously Failed Course at UW-Madison

L&S undergraduate students who have earned a grade of "F" may repeat the failed course in residence.  The original grade of "F" remains permanently on a student's record and is averaged into the semester and overall grade point average (GPA).  The failure will be counted as zero grade points per credit in computing the semester and overall GPA.   Repeating a failed course does not remove the earlier failure from the student's record or from his or her cumulative GPA.   More information can be found in the Guide under failures.