How to pay using UW Foundation Funds

Overview of how to pay using UW Foundation Funds, including the use of the UW Foundation Check Request form.

Sometimes you need to pay someone or pay for something with gift funds at the UW Foundation.  Because the UW Foundation is separate from the UW, we use different ways to access the funds.  Aside from development activity, UW Foundation will not pay an individual directly with a check request, they will only pay vendors.  Payment to individuals is done through e-Reimbursement, which allows access to UW Foundation funds at the 'Approver' level.

 Please note: if your expense can be paid by UW, you must pay it through UW channels, using UW funding.  UW Foundation should only be used to pay expenses that cannot be paid by UW.

Examples of expenses that UW won't cover are: alcohol, the portion of meal costs over the state maximum, and expenses related to advancement, development and alumni activities.  Click here for more info on UWF allowability.

Need to pay a vendor with UW Foundation Funds?
  1. Use the UW Foundation Check Request.  Login, click on Fund Management in red navigation bar, select "Check/ACH request" from the pull down menu.
  2. Fill out the online form as directed, print and get a Chair/Director signature.
  3. Attach same documentation you would for a payment through UW.
  4. Submit original signed copy to Mary Machaj at 408 South Hall via campus mail..

Need to pay an individual with UW Foundation Funds, or with a combination of UW Foundation and UW funds?
  1.     Use e-Reimbursement to create the reimbursement report.
  2.     The approver will apply UW Foundation funding after the reimbursee/alternate submits the report.  You may need to let the approver know what UWF fund to use.
  3.     Retain the same documentation you normally would for any e-Reimbursement report.

Meal Limit: UW Foundation will pay up to $100/person for hosted meals.
    If UW is paying state maximum, UW Foundation will pay the difference up to $100/person.
    UW Foundation will pay for reasonable amounts of alcohol within the per person limit.

  • Fundraising, Alumni and Donor events can only be paid by UW Foundation.
  • Receptions at someone's home are paid on UW Foundation funds; regular UW funds will not pay.
    •     If reception includes non-department visitors, regular UW Foundation fund can pay.
    •     If only dept personnel attended, only a departmental UW Foundation Community fund can pay.
  • Faculty candidate second visits are not paid by UW, only UW Foundation can pay.
  • L&S allows one departmental retreat on regular UW Foundation funds per semester.
  • L&S allows one student party per year (e.g. A kick off event in fall, an end of year send off in May) on regular UW Foundation funds.


  • Always supply a UW business reason for the payment.
    • If there is no UW business reason, the activity cannot be paid by regular UW Foundation funds.
    • If it's a social event, it may be payable by a Department's UW Foundation Community fund.
  • You cannot buy a gift or gift cards with Foundation funds.
  • We are stewards of our Foundation funds, we must use them properly.  Ask yourself:
    • How does this purchase fit with the donor's intentions? 
    • What would happen in everyone in L&S made this same purchase?
    • How would this purchase look on the front page of the paper?
UW Foundation Community Funds are specifically set up by departments to pay for social and morale building events that have no business purpose, such as a reception at home for department employees, flowers for employees, retirement parties, and events with only department employees attending.  Click for more info:




UW FOUNDATION 1848 University Avenue, 263-4545
    UW Foundation Advancement Resources
ACCOUNTING SERVICES: 21 N. Park St. Suite 6101,  262-1214  Gifts:
RSP: 21 N. Park St. Suite 6401, 262-3822   Gifts:
L&S: Mary Machaj, 408 South Hall, 263-2316,

Please send forms to Mary Machaj, 408 South Hall

  • Original, no copies necessary.
  • No staples, use clips. We have to copy everything you send, so clips make it easy to copy.
  • Blue ink signature preferred.
  • Questions? Contact Mary Machaj, 263-2316 or Ben Ball, 265-1170,

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