Depositing Gifts into UW Foundation Funds and 233- Projects

Overview of depositing gifts into UW Foundation Funds and 233- Projects, including how to determine if it is a gift, and whether it goes to UW Foundation or a UW 233- Project.

The UW receives money from many sources and in many forms.  Grants from a sponsor are 144- or 133- funds, not gift money.  If you think you have a donation, then you'll need to determine if it truly is a gift, and then process it either as a deposit to a departmental account at the UW Foundation or as a deposit directly into a 233- project.

Is it a Gift or Grant?

It's a GRANT if the giver requires detailed financial reports reports, claims rights, applies restrictions, expects specific deliverables, sets an end date, and/or can take back the money.

It's a GIFT if the money is unrestricted, for general purposes, and is irrevocable.

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