Student Center - Voter Enrollment Verification


The Voter Enrollment Verification letter is intended for students who:

1. Need an acceptable form of proof of residence


2. Plan to use the Voter Identification Card at the polls*

* UW institutions will provide voter ID-compliant student ID cards and enrollment verification to students who request them.
Students are also advised to follow instructions related to residency and absentee ballots. Check for up-to-date information.

If you need a Voter Enrollment Verification letter:

For voter enrollment verification, the address does not matter.

Follow the steps in your Student Center below in case:

Go to and login to see your voter enrollment verification letter


Go to your Student Center in MyUW and verify your current address (mailing address) is correct.

  1. Located under the 'Profile' tileProfile tile
  2.  Select 'Addresses' to verify the addresses. If incorrect, update your address.Address details
  3. Once your address is updated, go back to the Student Center and select the ‘Academic Records’ tile.Academic records tile
  4. From the menu on the left, select ‘Voter Enrollment Verification’(Do NOT select ‘Print Enrollment Verification’).
    • It is important to select ‘Voter Enrollment Verification’ because this produces a letter that meets all Wisconsin Elections Commission requirements for voting in Wisconsin. The other enrollment verification letter is produced by the National Student Clearinghouse and is not valid for voting purposes.If you are not enrolled for the current or future term, the letter will not be available.

      Voter enrollment verification
  5. A letter will be produced. Verify the information is correct. Either electronic or printed letters will be accepted at the polls.