L&S Teaching Assistant and Project Assistant Appointment Letter Templates

This document contains templates to help department staff prepare appointment letters for graduate assistants appointed as Teaching and Project Assistants.

Teaching Assistant Letter Templates: 

Spring 2020 TA: Spring2020_TA_Appointment_Letter.doc

Summer 2020 TA: Summer2020_TA_AppointmentLetter.doc

Fall 2020 TA: Fall2020_TA_Appointment_Letter.doc

Project/Program Assistant Letter Templates

Annual Non-Exempt PA (A-basis Non-Exempt)
Academic Non-Exempt PA (C-basis Non-Exempt)

Most PAs are moving to non-exempt roles.  If you have a PA that has another appointment (such as TA) which maintains their status as exempt, please send the appointment details (both appointment UDDS, title, dates, percent etc), along with a draft of the appropriate exempt PA letter to your STS/SA HR Rep BEFORE appointing the student.

Annual Exempt PA (A-basis Exempt)
Academic Exempt PA (C-basis Exempt)

Summer 2020 PA Letter Template:

Summer2020_PA_AppointmentLetter.docx (Exempt/Non-exempt)

Important notes about these sample letters:

  • DO NOT use these letters for hourly project assistant [reader/grader] appointments or for other types of graduate assistant appointments.
  • MODIFY this letter to suit your department's needs and tone; however, if your format differs from this model it must be sent to your department's STS/SA HR Rep for review.
  • SEND a copy of this document to the TA's or PA's department of graduate study, if different from the employing unit.

Please note: 

The College of Letters & Science eliminated the senior/standard distinction for our TAs in favor of one rate for departments that are more than 10% below their peers and another rate for those within 10% of their peers ($44,000 and $40,000, respectively in 2019-20). 

  • JEMS still requires payroll representatives to select either senior or standard, so continue to identify as “senior” any TAs who were payrolled as senior as of Spring 2018.
  • Enter any other TA appointments as “standard” moving forward. Use of the title “senior” thus will be phased out as current senior TAs move on from the program.   
  • You are free to maintain the use of a senior/standard distinction (or other terms of your choosing) as a way to identify a hierarchy for non-payroll purposes (e.g., eligibility for awards or other recognition, or eligibility to become a head TA, etc.) but for payroll purposes, TAs who are not “grandfathered in” as senior TAs should be entered as “standard” in JEMS. 
  • TA appointment letters should continue to identify the title as “Teaching Assistant – Standard or Teaching Assistant - Senior” as appropriate.

If you have questions about these documents, please contact Brian Bubenzer (brian.bubenzer@wisc.edu, 265-0603). For campus policies related to graduate assistants, please visit https://hr.wisc.edu/policies/gapp/.

For reader/grader documents, please go here.

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