Creating Source Version Control Repositories

This document briefly describes how you can use the tools at to create a repository.


Fresh repositories can be created using the CAE My Account Tools found here: Further details on the settings can be found below.

If you have data from an existing filesystem based repository that you would like imported please contact for assistance.

It should be noted that, like vhosts, dbs, etc., repository creation is by default limited to faculty and staff. However, also like vhosts, once a repository is created the owner can give ownership of the repo to anyone, including students. Using repositories is by default available to almost all accounts. See below for more details.


To control access each repository has associated with it the following:

  • Owner
    A user with full access to the repository instance. Ownership can be given away to another user if desired.
  • Editing Group
    A group of CAE accounts that have access to write to the repository instance.
  • Editing Networks
    A set of networks (eg: CoE, UW, Any) that write operations are restricted to. The default is UW.
  • Read Group
    A group of CAE accounts that have access to read the repository instance.
  • Read Networks
    A set of networks (eg: CoE, UW, Any) that read operations are restricted to. The default is UW.
    Based on the Read Satisfy setting, this can optionally take the place of Read Group membership, or both can be required.

There are also a handful of other settings that can tweak the behavior and interpretation of these settings.

  • Read Satisfy
    Governs whether both Read Group and Read Networks are required to gain read access, or if either is sufficient.
    • Any
      This allows anonymous read access from any of the Read Networks OR read access to any member of the Read Group.
    • Valid-User
      This allows read access to any CAE account on the Read Networks. Read Group membership is effectively ignored.
    • All (the default)
      This allows read access only to members of the Read Group authenticating from a host on one of the Read Networks.

Some other options are also available after repository creation for controlling git push hook behavior. See Source Version Control Repositories Customization and Hooks for more details.

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