Accessing Source Version Control Repositories

This document briefly describes how to access a repository.


Repositories can be accessed by clients via https:// urls as shown below. Some of them can also be viewed using a browser and the native repository display tools. To illustrate the service we provide a couple of example repositories. They are currently restricted to UW networks and CAE accounts.

Please note that all access to these repositories is accomplished via https:// URLs - no direct filesystem access is provided, though we can assist in importing legacy repositories if necessary. For more details on accessing the individual repositories via https:// please see the individual repository's documentation links listed above.


By default, all authentication uses your CAE account credentials (we can make accounts for outside parties if need be). However, some clients, such as svn, default to storing your repository passwords in clear text. Since this isn't secure, we also provide the option for each account to have a different password for each repository.

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