L&S Business Policies and Forms

Links to L&S Business Office Policies and Forms



L&S Business Office Staff Assignments

Alcohol Policy

L&S Prior Approval of PC_ElectronicDevices Form

RSP Computing Device Form

RSP Guidance for Purchase of Personal Computers on Sponsored Projects

Accountable Plan Exception form


UW-Madison Alcoholic Beverage Policy

UW - Risk Management Policy on Catering

Procedure for Approval of Electronic Device Forms

[Link for document 22281 is unavailable at this time.]

L & S Policy on Receptions

L&S Faculty Searches: Block Grants for Candidate Visits

New Faculty Moving and Computer Expenses Block Grants

L&S Guidelines on UW Sponsored Events – Meetings, Workshops, Conferences

Please use the link below for events funded by registration fees for UW and State employees and the general public.


UW Sponsored Events and UW Foundation