Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing - Getting Started

This document provides useful information for new users of the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing service.

In this document:

  • Overview
  • Roles
  • Access
  • Training resources


Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing can be used by instructors, students, researchers, administrators and other UW employees and affiliates for online meetings and sessions. (There are more details in the  Blackboard Collaborate - Product Overview or you may also be interested in reviewing the DoIT Web Conferencing service page.) 

You can access Blackboard Collaborate several ways. There are also multiple “roles” that have different types of access. Take a few minutes and think about how you will be accessing the web conference, and what type of role you will have.


These are the two primary Blackboard Collaborate roles:
  • If you are accessing Blackboard Collaborate from the Learn@UW interface, you will be able to create sessions and add participants for your own sessions.
  • If you are not using Learn@UW, a Blackboard Collaborate Supervisor will help you with some initial setup activities.


Access to web conferencing varies, based on whether you use the University’s Learn@UW course management system.

1. Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing from Learn@UW: 


Instructors who use Learn@UW can add a link to Collaborate web conferencing right from a course in Learn@UW. This provides easy access to web conferences for instructors and their students. There is more information available; be sure to check the other links provided at the bottom of this page.


2. Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing (not through Learn@UW):


Training Resources:

Blackboard has a wealth of knowledge and information on their website, and we have also created documentation to support the Learn@UW integration with web conferencing. These resources have been pulled together into handy collections to help you locate the most relevant information.  Training and support documents, quick reference handouts and training videos are divided into Moderator and Participant categories.  You can also locate help based on how you access Blackboard Collaborate.
If you are new to Collaborate: 
  Go here if you are:
  • An instructor and use Learn@UW:
    • [Link for document 21061 is unavailable at this time.]
    • [Link for document 21062 is unavailable at this time.]
    • [Link for document 21068 is unavailable at this time.]
  • An instructor, administrator, researcher or other staff (and you don’t currently use Learn2UW):
    • [Link for document 32625 is unavailable at this time.]
  • A student:
    • [Link for document 21069 is unavailable at this time.]
  Additionally, there is more information for everyone: TOP

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