Off Campus Housing / International Students



(608) 263-2452 -- Campus Area Housing
(608) 263-2400 -- Campus and Visitor Relations (if Campus Area Housing is not available)

Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Suite 329, Union South
1308 W. Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53715

On this site, contacts can conduct a free search for housing by clicking a link on the site.

Detailed Notice on a Rental Scam occurring the area are located on the home page of the website, along with examples of scam e-mails for contacts to view.

The information below has been tailored specifically for international students.  Information about CONTRACTS can be very helpful when explaining about signing contracts in America. 

Off-Campus Housing

Campus and Visitor Relations’ Campus Area Housing Listing Service ( ) is the official off-campus housing office for UW-Madison and provides online listings of available apartments, houses, roommate situations, efficiencies, rooms, cooperatives, and privately owned residence halls near campus and throughout the Madison area. Off-campus housing is the name we use for all housing that is not a part of the University Residence Halls and is operated by the private sector. Off-campus housing does not mean that the property is far away. In fact, many private properties are located on or near campus.

On the Campus Area Housing Frequently Asked Questions web page, you can find information in English regarding the best time to search for housing, average rent prices, and parking.
Phone: 608-263–2400; email:

In the United States, contracts are treated as binding legal documents. Therefore, every housing decision should be made carefully. Once a contracted is signed, the search for housing ends. Be aware that your student will receive information from both UW-Madison and private companies. Your student may contact the Parent Program or International Student Services to find out if the information he or she is receiving is affiliated with the university.

**When to sign a contract 
As early as October and November, your student may begin to feel pressure from friends about where to live next fall. Often, this happens because—beginning in November—many campus-area property owners begin advertising vacancies for the following fall. Many students mistakenly think that if they don’t make a decision in November, housing will be unavailable. That is simply not true. Encourage your student to take his or her time in making this important decision.

Additionally, the International Division of UW-Madison has created a website full of resources for international students, faculty, staff, and visitors: