Scholarships for International Students

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Bursars Office
333 East Campus Mall #10501
Madison, WI 53715-1383

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm

(608) 262-3611 -- Bursars Office/ Student Accounts
(608) 262-1791 -- Student Loans

(608) 265-3201

International Student Services
Red Gym, 2nd floor
716 Langdon St. Rm. 217
Madison, WI  53706


M-F: 9 am - 4:00 pm (Office)
M & F: 1 pm- 3 pm (Walk-in advising)
M-F: 10 am- 12 pm, & 2 pm-  4 pm (Phone)

(608) 262-2044 -- International Student Services (ISS)

(608) 262-2838 -- International Student Services (ISS)

Scholarships from external organizations or UW-Madison departments:

The Bursar’s office must verify scholarship eligibility requirements, and apply the scholarship to the student’s tuition account to pay tuition and fees. If the scholarship amount is more than the tuition balance due, a refund is sent to the student’s MAIL address, which is listed in the student’s MyUW at

Most UW departments submit scholarships to the Bursar’s office as an electronic file.

 Mail paper scholarship checks to:

UW-Madison Bursar’s office
333 East Campus Mall #10501
Madison, Wisconsin 53715-1383 USA

How tuition is paid through one of the above organizations:

If a third party such as a UW-Madison department, a company, or a governmental agency is paying all or a portion of a student’s tuition and fee charges:
If a UW-Madison department offers a student appointment, and waives all or a portion of tuition and fees:Third-party sponsors must submit billing authorization and student information to the Bursar’s office. Refer to third-party information and instructions in English at
Please instruct your student to notify the ISS office (e-mail if he or she receives a scholarship, fellowship, award, or grant.