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The University of Wisconsin–Madison is embarking on an ambitious plan to integrate and enhance research and education thrusts in sustainability science and practice across all parts of campus. The university has a long history of scholarship in a broad range of topics relevant to sustainability, ranging from using recycled industrial materials in infrastructure to ensuring the sustainability of rural agricultural communities.

Creating solutions to the sustainability challenges of the future will require integrated teams and a comprehensive approach that address coupled sustainability problems such as water, finance, energy, health, food and community. Addressing these challenges in practice will require an educated workforce that has been trained to consider sustainability broadly.

The Office of Sustainability was created to:

As we work together to make our vision a reality, we will strive to follow these guiding principles:

The Office of Sustainability has projects in the following categories:
Students, Faculty & Staff, Community, Partnerships, Energy, Materials, Water, Transportation, Campus Operations, IT, Food, Health, Facilitation, & Funding.