KB Author Training - Creating a New Document

This document provides background information on the process of creating a new KB document. It also includes a training exercise that demonstrates the document editor's basic functionality. For detailed information about specific aspects of the document editor, please continue with this training series or return to the KB Author Training - Overview.

Steps to creating a New Document

The Document Editor

  1. If you are not already logged in, log into the KB Admin Tools: Shibboleth Login (most institutions) or Active Directory Login (CVTC, Parkland, SIUE, UMMC)

  2. In the KB Admin Tools, click on the Documents tab.

  3. Click on the New Doc link.

  4. You will be presented with the document editor, which will be blank.

Begin Creating Your KB Document

  1. Before you can save your new document, you must enter text in the required fields: Title, Keywords, Summary, and Body. These four fields represent the absolute minimum of information that must be present in a KB document.
  2. As you are working, click the button located under the Body field to periodically to save your changes. Since this is a brand new document, once you click on the Save Change button, the Creating a New Document header will become Document XXXXXX (In Progress). However, if you do not save changes and you lose your network connection or your computer shuts down unexpectedly, you will lose all content since the last time you saved. While the KB does keep a copy of all your revisions, it is necessary to tell the KB to save by clicking on the Save Change button.

Modifying your Document Now that is has a Document ID Number

  1. To review: from the Creating a New Document screen you have completed, at the very least, the four required fields of Title, Keywords, Summary and Body. By clicking on the Save Change button or the Submit button (with the Status of In Progress, "Creating a New Document" has been replaced with Document 23149 (In Progress).
  2. Please make note of this Document ID number.
  3. While you are modifying the content of your document, you can; preview the document without saving to make sure it looks as you expect it to. To preview a document, simply click the preview.png button. Click on the X in the upper right corner to exit the Preview without Saving window.

  4. When you are finished with your document, you need to set the Site Access and the Status in order to either notify your KB Admin that the doc is ready to be published or to publish it yourself (if you have Publish rights).

    • The Site Access field allows you to publish a document to one or multiple KB sites. Determine who the audience is for your document and select at least one KB site. To set the document to the status of Active, at least one KB site must be selected.


    • If the status is set to Active and a KB site is not selected at all, an error message will appear:
    • siteAccess_mustchooseatleastone

    • Only the Active status will make the current draft of the KB document available on your live KB Site. The process of making the document available is generally called 'publishing the document', 'activating the document', or 'making the document live'.
    • submit_active.png

  • Note: Remember, when you are first creating a new document you will need to save the document at least once before you can set the document to Active status. Use of the In Review status varies from group to group. Some groups use 'In Review' as a holding bin for documents that are ready to be reviewed by another person before being activated for the KB Site. Please see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Document Flow Chart to see the life cycle of a KB document.

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