Learn@UW/D2L - Login Procedures for UW-Green Bay

The login procedure for UW-Green Bay faculty and students is as follows:

A user may have a Campus account or a Special Internal account.  Most instructors and students have Campus accounts.  Special Internal accounts are created within the D2L Learning Environment and are typically used for guests and test accounts.  The following rules apply only to Campus accounts:


The Learn@UW (D2L) username for both instructors and students is the same as their network username, which is the same as the first part of their campus email address (before the @-sign). More specifically:


The username is the first four letters of their last name, followed by the initial of their first name, the initial of their middle name (if the user has one), and then the two digits of their date of birth in 'dd-Month-yyyy' format.

  • the student username for Elvis Aaron Presley, born January 8, 1935, is "presea08".
  • the student username for Jack (no middle name) Diamond, born Feb 23, 1990 is "diamj23".


The username is the first seven letters of their last name (or all of their last name if it has less than eight letters), followed by the initial of their first name.

For example, the instructor username for Elvis Aaron Presley is "presleye".


Instructors and Students:

UWGB users' Learn@UW passwords are synchronized with the UWGB network passwords. Changes made to the UWGB network passwords automatically change the Learn@UW password for the individual. The initial network password for UWGB students is the last nine digits of their UWGB Passport ID number. This is the last nine digits that appear on the student’s Passport ID card and the same number that they originally used to log onto the UWGB campus network.


The only exceptions – and there are very few of them – are usernames for test students or visitors from off campus.

Logon URLs

The logon page for UWGB is http://uwgb.edu/ltc/d2l/ .

Troubleshooting Steps for UW-Green Bay Login Problems

  1. Refer to Learn@UW - General Troubleshooting Steps for Login Problems.

  2. Can the student access their campus email and/or the Student Information System? Have them check now. If they cannot access D2L, campus email or the Student Information System, chances are their password expired and they will have to reset it. A link is available on the logon pages for all three. (the url is: https://sis.uwgb.edu/pwdreset/). Note that instructors cannot reset their password at this time. To reset a lost/expired password, faculty need to call the Help Desk at 920-465-2309, Monday through Friday, 8am until 4:30pm.

  3. If the user still can not log in, they should be referred to the UW-Green Bay Learning Technology Center at 920-465-2286, Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm, or (via email) the Learning Technology Center (LTC) -- learntech@uwgb.edu, at any time.