KB Author Training - Title, Keywords, and Summary Fields

This training document provides detailed information about the Title, Keywords, and Summary fields in the KB document editor. It includes training exercises that demonstrate the functionality of these fields. For detailed information about other aspects of the document editor, please continue with this training series or return to the KB Author Training - Overview.


As you saw in the document KB Author Training - Creating a New Document, the title field must be filled out in order to save a new KB document. For users searching the KnowledgeBase, the title is the chief source of information about the contents of your document:

  • The maximum length of the title is 200 characters.

  • The title field does not accept formatting (XHTML).

  • Words in the title will automatically be treated as keywords (see below).


Keywords do not appear in the text of the document itself - instead they establish which search terms will return your document when a user submits a search query on the KB search page. Generally speaking, keywords should include product or service names, major concepts, error codes, misspellings, and other words and phrases you might expect users to search for. In coming up with keywords, try to anticipate which terms your users will associate with your documents.

  • Keywords may be separated by commas or spaces.

  • Keywords are not case-sensitive (i.e. if you specify 'pear' as a keyword, your document will appear whether a user searches for 'pear' or 'Pear').

  • Words in the document title are automatically included as keywords.

  • Your KB administrator can define Default Keywords for your site, which you can insert into the Keywords field using the Show default keywords.


The Summary field should provide a succinct description of the contents and/or the purpose of the document. Users should be able to quickly scan the summary to determine if the document is what they are looking for.

  • Depending on the way your KB site is configured, the text you enter in the Summary field may appear in KB search results (another reason to keep it as simple as possible).

  • Although it is possible to alter the appearance of content in the summary using XHTML code, we encourage you to keep the summary as simple as possible.

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