Learn@UW/D2L - General Troubleshooting Tips

This document describes a recommended general troubleshooting procedure if you can't access or view all or part of your Learn@UW course. Such problems are often caused by the software on your machine rather than the Learn@UW system.

  1. Try another browser on your machine. Your machine may only have one or two browsers installed. Download another browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Edge if on a Windows PC, or Safari if on a Macintosh) and try again.

  2. If it works in one browser but not another, there may be a configuration setting in the browser causing the problem. Make sure you note the version of the browser and operating system.

  3. If you still have a problem with a different browser, try another machine.

  4. If the problem doesn't exist on another machine, there may be something wrong on the original machine causing the problem.

  5. Find out if you are running any special software, such as a pop-up window suppressor or anti-virus software. Disable such software and try going into your Learn@UW course again.

  6. If the above works, start re-enabling the software -- one package at a time -- until the problem reappears. Enable your anti-virus software as soon as possible.

  7. If you continue to have problems with your course, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.