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Revisions to the L&S BA and BS requirements that were implemented in 2007 called for phasing out some elements of the 1971 Curriculum, including elimination of the "T" course designation. This document explains the old requirement and provides links to resources to help address implications of that change.

Consistent with recommendations made when L&S implemented revisions to the L&S baccalaureate degree requirements that went into effect in Fall 2007, L&S is retiring the "T" course designation.  This designation was used in the 1971 L&S curriculum, and it allowed L&S students under that curriculum to count up to twenty credits of these L&S approved courses to meet L&S requirements.  In some cases, these courses were also reviewed and approved to meet L&S breadth and level requirements as well.  Since most L&S students are now in the BABS07 curriculum, which ignores the "T" designation, the "T" designation will be retired effective Fall 2012.

Students still in the older 1971 L&S curriculum may now only choose “C” credits to meet their L&S degree requirements. DARS will continue to interpret their previously taken “T” courses as meeting requirements for that curriculum, including breadth and level (if relevant).

The L&S Curriculum Committee and L&S staff have communicated with affected departments about the impending deletion of these L&S designations.  Several former "T" courses have been reviewed by the L&S Curriculum Committee and have been found to meet the current L&S Liberal Arts and Science requirements.  These courses will be designated with a "C", and most of these courses also carry L&S breadth and level designations.  The L&S Curriculum Committee will continue to review requests from departments and programs seeking to have the "C" designation, L&S Breadth, and L&S level applied to their courses. 

We understand that advisors call on the L&S designations as a convenient way to identify courses that meet other requirements.  Through the link below, we provide a list of courses from which the L&S designations (T, breadth, level) will be removed, so advisors who are working with students in schools/colleges other than L&S may continue to have access to this information.  (These courses will not meet the L&S students' "Liberal Arts and Science", breadth, or level requirements.)  Individual schools and colleges may, at their discretion, continue to use former "T" courses to meet their own school/college breadth and level expectations.

FAQ about Liberal Arts and Science designations  (pdf file)
"T" courses from which L&S designations will be removed  (MS Excel File)
Liberal Arts and Science (LAS), Level, and Breadth Designations - Review and criteria

For more information, please contact

Elaine M. Klein, Assistant Dean for Academic Planning (elaine.klein(at)wisc.edu)
Kimbrin Cornelius, Curricular Administrative Specialist (klcornelius@ls.wisc.edu)

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