Is it possible for an L&S undergraduate to earn retrocredits?

The following section explains the requirements for an undergraduate at UW-Madison to earn retrocredits in a foreign language.

In order to earn retroactive credits (also known as retrocredits) in a foreign language at UW-Madison,  the following must be met:
  1. The approved UW-Madison language course must be the student's first college course in the language post high school graduation.
  2. And the course must be taken on the UW-Madison campus before a student has earned 30 degree credits post high school graduation
  3. And the course must be designated appropriate for earning retroactive credits (not all language courses are eligible for earning retrocredits)
  4. And the student must earn the appropriate grade ("B" or better)
    • Incoming new freshmen are eligible to earn retrocredits as long as they have not exceeded 29 degree credits. 
    • Credits that do not count toward the 29 degree credits are: Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate credits, credit by examination, retrocredits already awarded (for example, when a student student is awarded retrocredits for another language learned), or for college-level credits earned while still in high school (prior to graduating from high school).
    • Students can only earn retrocredits in the first four (4) semesters of the language sequence. 
      • For example, if a student tests into Spanish 226 and earns a grade of B or higher (and meets the other requirements listed above), the student will earn retrocredits for Spanish 101, 102, 203, and 204 if the student does not already have degree credit for any of these retrocredits.
    • Native speakers of a language cannot earn retrocredits in that language.  For UW-Madison, native language is defined as the language of instruction at the student's secondary school. 
    • If a student transfers a course in a foreign language, the student is not eligible to earn retrocredits at UW-Madison in that language.
    • For students who earn retrocredits at another university/college, the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at UW-Madison will normally allow the credits to transfer if the students have met the other UW-Madison retroactive credit criteria.
    • Grades (A, AB, B, BC, etc.) are not given for retrocredits and they do not count toward residence requirements.  They do count towards the 120 degree credits needed for graduation in the College of Letters & Science. 
    • Students can only earn retrocredits through the first four semesters of any language sequence.
    • Students cannot have their retrocredits removed from their official records once they have been posted.

For more information, please refer to Retroactive Credits and Retroactive Credits by Languages.

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