Learn@UW/D2L - Login Procedures for UW-Colleges

The login procedure for UW-Colleges faculty and students is as follows:

UW-Colleges is the name of the UW-System branch that offers freshman/sophomore-level university instruction at 13 locations statewide. The UW-Colleges is using an external authentication system, rather than Learn@UW's native authentication system.

A user may have a Campus account or a Special Internal account. Most instructors and students have Campus accounts. Special Internal accounts are created within the D2L Learning Environment and are typically used for guests and test accounts. The following rules apply only to Campus accounts:

Username and Password

  1. Faculty users

    Username: First name.last name

    For example, Patricia Fellows' username is: patricia.fellows

    Password: No set pattern; it should match their campus login password

  2. Student users

    Username: First four characters of the student's last name, plus the first character of the student's first name, plus the four (4) rightmost digits of the student's PRISM ID. The PRISM ID is contained in their ISO number; if you drop the last digit of the ISO number, the PRISM ID is the seven (7) rightmost digits.

    For example, if the ISO number is 9876543210, the PRISM ID is 7654321, and the important digits for the username are 4321.

    Password: Students can lookup or reset their network/e-mail password from the links at the "UW Colleges Self Service" site: https://portal.uwex.uwc.edu/reset/

    Note: The student and faculty usernames/passwords are the same as their campus e-mail/network logon username/password. If they have changed their campus network/e-mail password, the new password becomes the password for Learn@UW.

  3. Continuing Education (CE) users

    "CE" users are enrolled in Business Certificate courses. They do not have UWC e-mail, cannot check usernames/passwords online, and do not have PRISM accounts.

    Username: Starts with the characters "ce", followed by the first character of the first name, plus the first seven characters of their last name.

    Password: Same as their CE registration ID.

  4. Exceptions:

    The only exceptions – and there are very few of them – are usernames for test students or visitors from off campus.

Logon URLs

The logon page for UWxx is https://d2l.uwc.edu .

Troubleshooting UW-Colleges Login Problems

While logging into Learn@UW, the UW-Colleges user encounters "Authorization Failed" or "You entered an incorrect username or password" error.

They may identify themselves as a member of a specific UW-Colleges campus (e.g., Marshfield, Waukesha, Sheboygan, etc).

Perform each of the following steps in sequence:

  1. Refer to Learn@UW - General Troubleshooting Steps for Login Problems.

  2. UW-Colleges has an automated username/initial password retrieval/reset page, UW Colleges Account Self Service Website at https://portal.uwex.uwc.edu/reset/. Only Students can retrieve or reset their password from this site. Faculty cannot manage their account on this site. They need to contact their network administrator to change their password.

  3. If the user changed their campus network password, they should use that new password for Learn@UW.

  4. Email the UW-Colleges Service Desk.
    • Send an email message for each login problem to the following email address: servicecenter@uwex.uwc.edu
    • Include all information (including contact information) gathered from the student in the e-mail to the UW Colleges Service Desk.
    • The Infra Call and the email message should both mention which specific UW-Colleges campus the user is affilitated with.
  5. Close the Infra Call after sending the email notification.