Learn@UW/D2L - Login Procedures for UW-Parkside

The login procedure for UW-Parkside faculty and students is as follows:

A user may have a Campus account or a Special Internal account. Most instructors and students have Campus accounts. Special Internal accounts are created within the D2L Learning Environment and are typically used for guests and test accounts. The following rules apply only to Campus accounts:


A user's password is the same as that used for their email account.

The only exceptions – and there are very few of them – are usernames for test students or visitors from off campus.

Logon URLs

The logon URL for UWP is https://www.uwp.edu/d2l/.

Troubleshooting Steps for UW-Parkside Login Problems

  1. Refer to Learn@UW - General Troubleshooting Steps for Login Problems.

  2. Since the password is the same as their email account's, check if they can they log into their UW-Parkside email account?

Password Resetting Options

  1. Email request to helpdesk@uwp.edu .

  2. Visit in-person to the MicroComputer Lab. Students requesting password resets via email need to provide the last 4-digits of their ssn, 2-digit birth year and 2-digit birth month. The password is then reset and they can again use the RangerMail sign-in page and select 'New to Parkside' to re-establish a password. Visiting the MicroComputer lab for a password reset requires students to present a photo id.

  3. If a student has established a password re-set question, they can re-set their password without contacting the helpdesk or visiting the MicroComputer Lab. From the RangerMail Login Page, click on the words 'Need to Manage Your Account'. From the list of options, select 'Self-Service Password Reset' and follow the on-screen instructions.