Learn@UW/D2L - Login and Enrollment Procedures for UW-Oshkosh

The login procedure for UW-Oshkosh faculty and students is as follows:

A user may have a Campus account or a Special Internal account. Most instructors and students have Campus accounts. Special Internal accounts are created within the D2L Learning Environment and are typically used for guests and test accounts. The following rules apply only to Campus accounts:


The username is your NetID.


Use your NetID password to log on.


The only exceptions – and there are very few of them – are usernames for test students or visitors from off campus.

Logon URLs

The logon page for UWOSH is http://www.uwosh.edu/d2lfaq/d2l-login/ .

Troubleshooting UW-Oshkosh Login Problems

While logging into Learn@UW, if the UW-Oshkosh Learn@UW user encounters "Authorization Failed" or "You entered an incorrect username or password" error, proceed as follows.

  1. Refer to Learn@UW - General Troubleshooting Steps for Login Problems.

  2. Remind the user to use their NetID for their username.

  3. For students who are confused about what their correct username or password is, they can contact the local UW Oshkosh Help Desk, 920-424-3020 (includes after hours voicemail), email acshelp@uwosh.edu, or go on site to Dempsey 207, Monday-Friday, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm. They can also try their online email lookup at http://www.uwosh.edu/directory.

Enrollment Problems

If a UW-Oshkosh student can log in but does not see their course listed on their homepage:
  1. If the class has not yet met, it's because the courses have start dates set to the first day of the course. Students can't see courses before that point.

  2. If it's after the first day, they should verify via TitanWeb that they are indeed enrolled.

  3. If they recently added the course, they should wait 24-48 hours for the data to be updated.

  4. Their instructor can also manually add them to the course if they need immediate access. The student should contact their instructor about this.