Learn@UW/D2L - Notification of Pages Received using Pager Delayed

This document explains why Learn@UW pages may not be received immediately, and how to prevent pages from being delayed.

You may be logged on and another user logged on sends you a page with the Pager tool. However, you are not notified of the page until either several minutes later or after you log off and log on again.

If you are logged on and receive a page, you will not be notified until the next time your screen is refreshed. The application will automatically refresh your screen if there hasn't been a refresh in the past 5 minutes so the delay between receipt and notification of a page could be as long as 5 minutes. If you log off before your screen is refreshed, you will not receive the page until the next time you log on.

You cannot force immediate notification of pages. However, by refreshing frequently or selecting another tool to invoke an automatic refresh frequently, you can minimize the delay between when a page is received and when you are notified of the page. To avoid delaying page notification until the next time you log on, refresh before logging off.