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D2L eGrade Submission process: Create a Grade Scheme

D2L eGrading: Create a Grade Scheme

For grade submission to work properly, the gradebook must first be properly configured in D2L. This includes creating and applying a grade scheme, which will apply a letter grade to the final grade. This step is critical because My UW-Madison accepts letter grades only.

The following instructions will help you create a grade scheme. Before doing this, it is necessary to calculate the percent cutoffs for each grade, regardless of whether the weighted or points system is used (for example: 90% and above = A).

To create a new grade scheme:

  1. From the Gradebook, click on Schemes.
  2. Click on New Scheme to begin creating your scheme.
  3. For your reference, give your scheme a Name.
  4. By default, there are three ranges for the new scheme. Add or remove ranges as follows:
    • For graded courses, click "" Add Ranges four (4) times to add blanks for all of the required grades, resulting in a total of 7 range fields.
    • For courses that are exclusively Credit/No Credit, click Remove once, resulting in a total of 2 range fields.
  5. Enter the Symbol and Start % for each grade, A-F.
    • Explanation of fields:
      • Symbol: The symbol is the letter grade. UW-Madison official grades are A, AB, B, BC, C, D, and F. For Credit/No Credit courses, enter CR and N for the symbols.
      • Start %: The start % is the lowest possible percent earned for this grade. For example, to give an "A" to students who score 90 - 100% in the course:
        Example: A=90
      • Grade Color is optional but can help you easily visually confirm the grades in the gradebook.
      • Ignore the Assigned Value (%) column.
    • Since each percent is the lowest possible for each grade, at no time will you type "100" as a Start %.
    • Start % must be a percent, not a point value.
    • Range symbols with two grades, such as AB and BC, must be entered without any slashes or dashes.
  6. Finish by clicking Save.
  7. Example:
    Example: F=0, D=60,C=70,BC=75,B=80,AB=85,A=90

The following brief video steps through this process (includes steps 3 & 4).

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