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D2L eGrade Submission process: Apply Grade Scheme to the Final Grade

D2L eGrading: Apply Grade Scheme to the Final Grade

Once you've created a grade scheme, applying the newly created grade scheme to final grades will convert the final numeric grades to letter grades. You must apply the scheme to the grade you are exporting, either the Final Adjusted Grade or the Final Calculated Grade. The following instructions will help you select the grade you would like to export as the final grade, then apply the new grade scheme to the final grade.

Verify the grades to export:

D2L includes 2 ways to process final grades. The calculated final grade is the raw score of all grades. The adjusted final grade gives instructors the opportunity to adjust individual student's grades before final submission. The adjusted final grade is the default "final grade released."

  1. Click Settings at the top right of the screen and the Calculation Options tab.
  2. Under Final Grade Released, note whether Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade is selected. Change if desired, as this will be the "final grade released." The Adjusted grade is recommended, as it gives you a chance to alter grades before export.
    • NOTE: This setting does not make these grades visible to students within D2L; it only controls which grades are exported.
  3. Click the Save button to save your changes, and close.

To apply the grade scheme to the final grades:

  1. Click the Manage Grades tab.
  2. Click on either Final Adjusted Grade or Final Calculated Grade, depending on which you would like to apply your scheme and export.
  3. Under "Grade Scheme," select the scheme that you wish to use for final grading.
  4. Click the Save and close button to save your changes.
  5. From Manage Grades, click the dropdown arrow next to the Calculated or Adjusted grade, and select Enter Grades.
  6. Under the Final Grades column, verify that the scheme has been applied to the proper final grades (either the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade).

The following brief video explains the process (covers steps 3 & 4).

Continue by preparing final grades.

Grade scheme problems

I cannot see the letter grade in either Final Grades column.

Check your gradebook display settings by doing the following:
  1. At the gradebook User List screen, be sure that you are viewing in Standard View and not Spreadsheet View. If you see a button at the top labeled , click it to return to the Standard View.

  2. Click the Manage Grades icon and click on the grade you applied the scheme to (Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade).
  3. Under the Display Options section, ensure the Grade scheme symbol box is selected.

I see more than just the letter grade.

  • Selecting display final calculated grade in grades list and display final grade as grade scheme will display both a percentage and point value in the final grade column for you to verify students grades. Only the letter grade will be sent to My UW-Madison.

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