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D2L eGrade Submission process: Prepare Final Grades

D2L eGrading: Prepare Final Grades

After creating a grade scheme and applying it to your final grades, you should prepare your final grades for export. This includes recalculating them and, if you choose, adjusting them. (D2L automatically calculates grades, but gives you the opportunity to adjust them before exporting them for submission to the Registrar). You do not need to adjust grades before exporting them if you choose to export calculated final grades. If you wish to export calculated final grades, be sure you have selected Grades Settings > Calculation Options > Calculated Final Grades (under Final Grades Released).

To prepare final grades:

  1. If you are not already on the Enter "Final Grades" screen, click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the Final Adjusted or Final Calculated grade, and select Enter Grades or Grade All (interface inconsistency)
    • Note: the following steps require using the "action menu," near the "Final Grades" title of the page.

      View Actions Menu Closed
      Action Menu Closed
      View Actions Menu Open
      Action Menu Open
  2. If your gradebook is not set up to automatically calculate final grades, click the "Action menu" and Recalculate Recalculate All. Select all grades you want to include in the final grade and click Calculate and Yes.
    • There may be a wait of up to one minute for every 100 students being recalculated when saving final grades.
  • Under the "Action Menu," click Transfer Grades to move final grades to the adjusted column. Adjust student grades as necessary.
  • NOTE: A calculator icon (Final Grade is out of date!) next to a student's final grade in the grades list reminds you that it has not been recalculated.
  • NOTE: Use the "View By" menu to edit grades for a single course section.
  1. Save the calculations by clicking Save.
  2. Adjust students grades, if necessary, and click Save.
    • The Final Adjusted Grade Scheme letter grades will not change until Save is clicked.
Final Grades screen with Final Calculated Grades prepared for export:

Final Grades screen with Final Adjusted Grades prepared for export:

The following brief video steps through the process (includes steps 5 & 6).

Continue by exporting final grades from D2L.

Problems with grade recalculation

Problems occur most commonly in large classes.

I received an error, or my browser crashed.

In some large classes, grade calculation cannot be completed all at once; it is instead necessary to recalculate grades in chunks. Follow these instructions to do this:

  1. From the Grades List, under View By, select Groups.
  2. In the Groups menu, decide on a section type to select (eg: lecture, lab, or discussion), and select the first section
    View by groups
  3. Click on the Enter Grades - Final Grades icon next to Final Grades (to the right of the grades list) and repeat the process for recalculating grades described above.
  4. Select the next section of the same section type in the Groups menu and repeat the process for all sections in that section type until all student's grades are updated.

What if I want to give students a grade larger than 100%, or bonus points?

The maximum final grade in D2L is 100%. Students who receive more will still see 100% reported to them in D2L, and will receive a grade based on 100% in the final grade scheme.

I received a warning saying that the final grade doesn't sum to 100%.

If you are using the weighted system, watch out for a warning message that "The 'Final Grade' sums to x, not 100%" or a similar warning for a category. This warning indicates that the weight of assignments needs to be adjusted to total 100%.

The letter grade looks incorrect.

  • Final grades may need to be recalculated.
  • The grade scheme may be improperly set up:
    • Click on the Grades Schemes icon, then click on the grade scheme you wish to use.
    • Check the chart of your grade scheme to verify that all letter grades are represented within the proper percentage range.
    • Remember that schemes are set up by percentages (not points).

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