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D2L eGrade Submission process: Import Grades and Submit to Registrar

D2L eGrading: Import Grades and Submit to Registrar

After sending grades from D2L, and waiting for at least 15 minutes, grades can be imported into My UW-Madison

NOTE: Only the instructor of timetable record for the course has permission to submit grades in My UW-Madison.

To import grades and submit them to the registrar:

  1. Log in to My UW-Madison using your NetID and password, click the Teaching tab, then click on Faculty Center.
  2. If a different term is needed instead of the one shown by default, click the Change Term button, select the term, then click Continue.
  3. Click on the Grade Roster icon for each of the sections that you are grading (do not click Access a roster of all students in an XL-MW Class or Packaged roster as the import will not work from either of these screens). If you have more than one section, you will need to submit them one at a time.
  4. Click the D2L button to import grades. If there is no D2L button on the screen it may indicate your grades were not successfully sent over from D2L. Please try the D2L export again, as described in Step 6.
  5. Students who receive a grade such as an I or NW must have their grades entered in manually at this time. For example, if a student has received an incomplete, you may enter an "I" it in the final grade column at this time. 
  6. After all errors are resolved, and you have checked the grades for accuracy, click Save at the bottom of the page, and finish by clicking the Submit to Registrar button at the top of the roster.
  7. If you need to submit grades for additional classes, click Return and repeat steps 3-6. Those steps must be done for each individual section of the class. Individual sections are represented by the Grade Roster and not the Access a roster of all students in an XL-MW Class or Packaged roster, if they exist.
  8. Once you are done, all submitted rosters will have a green checkmark next to them.
    • See "Problems with grade import," immediately below, for information on any errors received after clicking the D2L button.
    • Sending from D2L and importing into My UW-Madison can be done as many times as desired, until the Submit to Registrar button has been clicked and the Registrar's Office has posted the grades.
    • Once submitted to the registrar, the grades sit in a holding space until a nightly batch process formally processes them.
    • For more information, see the Registrar's Office Instructions on submitting grades electronically.

Problems with grade import

I do not see my grade rosters.

Only the instructor of timetable record for the course has permission to submit grades in My UW-Madison. Contact your department timetable representative for access.

I received an error.

Import errors are no cause for alarm; they most often are the result of inconsistencies between rosters on the two systems.

  • The Student did not come through from D2L Grade Roster: means that a student appeared in the Registrar's roster, but not in D2L. Grades must be entered manually for this student.

I don't see the D2L button.

The D2L button shows up only if your grades have been successfully exported from D2L. Otherwise you will see Export and Import buttons. You can attempt to export your grades from D2L again (be sure to allow 15 minutes after export). Or, you can export a roster from My-UW Madison to Excel, modify the grades, then reimport them for submission.

My grades do not look correct.

  • If a grade scheme is set up with an invalid grade, an invalid grade error will appear after clicking Save. See the Registrar's list of valid instructor-assigned grades.
    • If there are a great number of errors, or to keep D2L and the Registrar's record the same, return to D2L to fix the grade scheme as described in Step 1, above, (be sure to click OK when prompted: "Do you want to update all grades that are associated to this grading scheme?"), and repeat Step 4, above.
  • If you see percents instead of letter grades after clicking the D2L button, or all grades appear as numbers rather than letters, the D2L grade scheme has either not been properly created or applied. Return to the directions on creating and applying a grade scheme (Step 1, above), and repeat the instructions for sending from D2L and importing in to My UW-Madison (Steps 4 and 5, above).
Still having problems? Contact Madison's Learn@UW Support Team or consult the following documents from the Registrar's on the eGrading process:

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