Accessing UW-Madison Final Grades

This sections explains where students can look to find out final grade information for the graded components of courses they have taken.

How can I access my final grades for a particular term or semester?

Students are able to access their final grades by following these steps:
  • Log into MyUW at
  • Click on the Student Center Widget (or dropdown option)
  • Click on the Academic Records Widget 
  • Under the UW Academic Records section, you can:
    • view grades for any term
    • view your unofficial transcript
    • request official transcripts
    • apply for graduation
    • print enrollment verification
    • get voter enrollment verification
    • request reentry
    • view test scores
Information about grade distribution for classes can be found at course grade distributions. Additional information about grades is located at grades and GPA.

Resources for Questions: 
L&S Academic Advising Services (608) 262-5858,
Office of the Registrar: (608) 262-3811,