FN - Run the Funding Edit Errors Inquiry Report

The Funding Edit Error Report is a listing of employees with invalid funding/funding errors for the current payroll (known as PRDFLT - Payroll Default); or employees who have no funding for all or part of the payroll period for the current Pay Run ID (known as PRSUSP - Payroll Suspense). Corrections need to be made whenever all or part of the funding is going to be charged to suspense funding, default funding, position level funding (except employees in A80) and department level funding (except for employees in A96). Priority should be given to correcting errors where employees have funding in suspense or their funding is marked as invalid. Employees whose funding is being charged to department level funding are less of a critical funding priority.

PeopleSoft HRS Security Role Needed: FI Campus: Funding Error Rpt

  • The Funding Edits are updated overnight each day a monthly or biweekly payroll is in calc. 
  • During a normal payroll calc week, data is first populated overnight on Sunday night and available on Monday.  The data is updated each night, and the last update is overnight on Wednesday night.
  • There are a number ways to access funding data depending upon your needs:
    • WED/Pagelet - see KB
      • To view only funding needing attention, it will not show all lines
    • Funding Edit Query (Query Viewer)
      • Provides all valid and invalid funding lines for the current payroll
      • Can limit by specific campus
    • Funding Edit Error Inquiry Page
      • Provides all valid and invalid funding lines for the current payroll
      • Can limit based upon a variety of selection criteria (e.g., paygroup, funding dept, etc.)

Run Funding Edit Query

  1. Navigation to:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.
  2. Enter query name: UW_FI_FUND_EDT2.
  3. Select either HTML or Excel.

    Query viewer

  4. Enter your campus name in the 'Unit' field.
        NOTE: To run the report for all campuses, enter “UW%"
  5. Click “View Results”

Funding Edit Error Run

Review the Funding Edit Error Inquiry Page

Navigation:  Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Pay Period Reports > Funding Edit Errors Inquiry

  1. Enter values in the following fields:
    • Business Unit field - enter your campus (e.g. UWEAU)
    • Funding Dept field - all or part of the 6-digit funding department without the alpha campus code identifier
      • To find employees with funding in payroll suspense, enter the Funding Department PRSUSP
    • Include Valid/Unprocessed - check or uncheck depending upon the results wanted
      • To see only employees with invalid funding, leave the box unchecked
      • To see employees in payroll suspense, check the box (PRSUSP is a valid funding department)
      • To see all valid and invalid funding, check the box

    warning sign  When viewing all rows including valid and unprocessed do not run for UW Madison due to the large volume of records, instead use the Query

    review all errors

  2. Click Search
    • If no results are found, no data will be shown.  (NOTE: HRS does not return a "no matching values" message if no data has been found for your search criteria).

Download Results to an Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Click the Show all columns icon.
    NOTE:  If you do not click this first you will only download the displayed columns.

  2. Click the Download icon

report display options

Evaluate the Data

  1. Review the “Error Description” column. 
    NOTE: Simplify results by using the filter tool to remove “Valid”.  This will provide a listing of payroll items with invalid funding.   Refer to KB FN - Resolving Funding Error Issues for resolving funding errors.
    Error description column

  2. Review the "Budget Level Indicator Column"
    • Review for blanks.  If there are blanks, it means that the payroll is in suspense. A funding entry for any transaction in suspense must be made by the end of the day of the final payroll calc, for step-by-step instructions refer to FN - Add or Change Appointment Level Funding for Employee's Salary Expense
    • Review for “P” (position level funding).  There should never be any “P” or position level funding entries (except A80).    Request assistance from the Service Center if there are results indicating position level funding.
    • Review for “D” (department level funding). There should never be any “D” or department level funding entries (except A96). Add or correct employee's Appointment level funding. See KB FN - Add or Change Department Level Funding for an Appointing Department  

      Budget level column

Troubleshooting Listed Funding Items

There are several areas to review if an item is unexpectedly listed, especially if only a portion of the employee’s paycheck has an issue.  Check the following:
  • Review Job Data (Main Menu>Workforce Administration>Job Information>Job Data). Verify that funding was entered using the correct Appointing Department as listed on the Work Location tab.
  • Review funding entries in the Funding Data Entry Page (Main Menu>Set Up HRMS>Product Related>Commitment Accounting>Budget Information>Budget Funding Data Entry).  Verify that the Department and Effective Date entered exactly matches the Appointing Department and Effective Date of the Hire, Rehire, Transfer or Department Change action on Job Data. Do NOT rely on information listed at the top of the Budget Funding Data Entry page.

  • Analyze the calculated paycheck in Review Paycheck (Main Menu>Payroll for North America>Payroll Processing USA>Produce Payroll>Review Paycheck).  Click “View All” to ensure that all payments can be viewed. Review the date of the payments and determine if a payment is related to a prior pay period and/or to a previous position.  For example, if a monthly employee’s April 2016 Review Paycheck includes payments related to December 2015 from the employee’s previous position, funding must be entered using Earnings Codes as described in KB FN - Designate Funding for Payroll Earnings Code Differently Than Regular Pay.


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