Course Proposal - Selecting a Course Number

When selecting a course number, keep the following in mind:

  • Courses numbered under 300 (100-299) may be taken for credit by undergraduates only.  Offerings at this level are generally considered elementary level.  Some courses in a series may be intermediate.  Courses numbered 100-299 are generally directed to first and second year undergraduates.  Numbers below 100 are not available for use for degree credit.
  • Courses in the 300‑699 range may be taken for credit by both undergraduate and graduate students; courses in the 300-499 range are generally considered intermediate level and courses in the 500-699 range are generally considered advanced level.  Graduate students taking courses numbered 300-699 are expected to do graduate-level work, though they are enrolled in an undergraduate-level course.  The 300-699 range is not intended to include undergraduate-only, elementary level courses.
  • Courses in the 700-999 range are open only to graduate and professional students
Middle digit
  • Course numbers in which the middle digit is 8 are reserved for honors courses. (This rule does not apply to courses numbered 700 or higher.)
  • Course numbers in which the middle digit is 9 and the third digit is 8 or 9 (x98 and x99) are reserved for individual instruction (i.e., directed study, independent study, research and thesis) and are not to be used for group instruction
    • Courses ending in 98 (e.g., 198 or 698) are offered on a Credit/No Credit basis
    • Courses ending in 99 are graded
    • Honors individual instruction courses should end with an 89.
    • Courses numbered 990 are generally used for thesis and dissertation writing.  A grade of P or U is awarded each semester indicating whether the student is making appropriate progress.  Once the thesis or dissertation is completed a grade of S is given and all P grades are converted to S.  Read the Graduate School policy related this.
Reuse of a course number

A course number may be reused, provided:
  • The course that previously used the number has been discontinued for at least eight years, or
  • If the course that previously used the number is still active, it has not had student enrollment for at least eight years. In this case, a course discontinuation (deletion) proposal must be submitted prior to or concurrent with the new course proposal.

       Check Course Guide to view the list of active courses for a subject, and when each course was last taught.  Courses that have been inactivated will not appear.

For assistance finding an appropriate and available course number, contact your department curricular rep, your school/college curriculum committee staff, or the Registrar's Office.

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