Courses with Topic Titles

A topics course is a designation used for courses with content that varies with each offering.

A topics course will:

Typical Uses of a Topics Course

Topics courses should not be used to circumvent the course proposal and approval process.

A new course does not need to be taught as a topics course prior to being proposed and approved with a permanent course number. If a topic title will be a regular offering in the curriculum, it must be created as a new course.

Guidelines for Reviewing Topics Courses

The decision to offer particular topics should be part of the regular process for establishing the department/program schedule of courses and should involve conversation with, and planning by, the department faculty members.

On an annual basis, each school or college will be provided with a list of topics courses that were offered through subject listings in their departments showing the number of times each topic has been offered. It is the responsibility of the school or college and their departments to review this list and determine whether there are courses being offered as a topic that should be proposed as a stand-alone course with a permanent number. It is recommended that a limit of being offered three times within a 5-year period should be considered the standard.