Accessing CAE Software by Mapping a Windows Network Drive (Supported and Unsupported)

How to access Tethered Software media by mapping the network drive "\\\caesoftware". This allows one to access both Supported and UnSupported Software.

NOTE:  If you are attempting to access Tethered Software from off campus, you must be connected to WiscVPN.  WiscVPN is supported by DoIT, so please direct any questions regarding the installation or settings to them.


1.  Navigate to "Computer".  Computer can be found on the right hand side of Start Menu on Windows 7.

2.  Once in Computer, please click on "Map Network Drive".


3.  Enter the location we will be mapping.  In this case, to access Tethered Software, you will enter "\\\caesoftware" without the quotations.  Make sure the Drive selected is not currently mapping anything.

4.  You will be prompted for a log in.  Use your CAE login and password.  You may need to change the domain when entering your password.  To do this you will enter "ENGR\" followed by your CAE username in the top bar (When you do this you should see the Domain change to "ENGR").  So if by CAE username was "caeuser", I would enter "ENGR\caeuser" like shown in the picture below.


5.  You now should see 2 folders:  "Supported" and "Unsupported".  Navigate to the desired software.

NOTE:  CAE does not help with unsupported software installation; this is the user's responsibility.  Most folders have instructions on how to install the associated software.

NOTE: Keep in mind that after you install the tethered software you must run the Engineering Software VPN in order for the the license files to authenticate to our servers.

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