Interactive Reporting Query Library for Student Data in Three Easy Steps

A get-started document for Interactive Reporting and Query Library

Interactive Reporting Query Library for Student Data in Three Easy Steps
No software installations are need to use the Query Library

Interactive Reporting Query Library works only with the Internet Explorer browser.  To make Internet Explorer 10 Compatible with Interactive Reporting, please visit

Getting Authorized to use the Query Library

Request appropriate query categories based on your role at the University at

To access Human Resource and Payroll queries you’ll need to request the EPM role, IR-EPM All NS Query Library, for non sensitive data in Oracle’s Identify and Access Management System (OAM) at For access to sensitive HR data request the role IR EPM HR Snstve Query Library in OAM.  For access to benefits data request the role IR EPM BN Snstve Query Library in OAM.

Navigating the Query Library and Running Queries

1. Click on Explore.PNG to go to the folders and queries

2. In the directory tree, click on the title of the folder you want.

3. Read query titles and descriptions.

4. Choose a query and click on its title to open the query.

5. Select your criteria, repeat until all desired criteria are selected.
a. Click in the box of the selection criteria, on at a time.
b. Enter your selection criteria or click on show values and select the value(s) you want for the criteria. 
   To select multiple values, hold down the CTRL key and wait for the screen to refresh before making another selection.

6. Press the Process button.

7. When the query completes, click on the report you want from the list of reports in the left pane.

8. Using the navigation bar:

a. To move from page to page, use the page up and page down arrowsNavUpDown.PNG

b. Do NOT use this "Save file locally" icon NavSave.PNG

c. To export to PDF, use the icon NavPDF.PNG

d. To export to Excel, use the XLS icon NavExcelExport.PNG

e. To close out of a document, click on the NavExit.PNG in the upper-right hand corner

f. To access help documents, click on the 'Help' icon NavHelp.PNG

9. Log off by clicking "log off" on the upper-right hand side of the screen NavLogOff.PNG

10. Close your browser window to complete the log off process.

Contact the DoIT Help Desk (264-4357 or or
Kathy Luker ( for assistance with the group authorization process or
Mary Butler Ravneberg ( or Michelle Holland ( for assistance with Graduate Student queries.

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