Bucky Backup - Service Overview

This document describes the Bucky Backup services, Bucky Backup Lite, Bucky Backup Enterprise, and Bucky Backup Archive.

What is Bucky Backup?

Bucky Backup is a data backup and archival system from Tivoli used by UW Madison departments and administrative offices, faculty and staff to provide data backup/protection/archival and recovery for their workstations and servers. DoIT provides backup services for Windows, UNIX, Sun, Netware, and Macintosh platforms.

DoIT offers three different levels of backup services - Bucky Backup Lite, Bucky Backup Enterprise, and Bucky Backup Archive:

For more information about Bucky Backup and backup in general please see: https://it.wisc.edu/services/backup-bucky-backup/

How to Request Bucky Backup:

To start using Bucky Backup Lite, Enterprise, or Archive you will need to register and then download, install and configure the Bucky Backup client. For more information on that process please see: Bucky Backup - Getting Started

Bucky Backup Availability:

Bucky Backup has a weekly maintenance window every Monday afternoon beginning at 1:00 pm and ending at 3:00 pm. All scheduled maintenance affecting client access will be preceded by an e-mail announcement to all users alerting them of any potential problems.

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