Connecting to the Remington Center Scan Directory

Instructions on how to connect to the Remington Center scan directory on the shared file server.

Mac Users:

Overview: You must have a functioning connection to the network share for your work group (I Drive, P Drive, etc) and be on the "Law" wireless network SSID. The server that the scan directory is on is the same server that the work group shares are on and requires that you have authorization to access one of the shares in order to access the "Scan" directory. The only task Mac users need to do is establish an additional network directory to connect to.

1. Open the "Connect to Server" dialogue box (from finder click on CMD-K or Tools > Connect to Server)
2. Make sure and click the + to store your present connection to the work group share, then modify the address to match the picture below. (Use YOUR student ID for the "studentid" in the address:
3. Click the + to again store the scan connection for easy switching. (You should have 2 in the "Favorite Servers" the "Scan" directory and the work group directory.)
4. Click "Connect" to connect to the shared scan directory.

Windows Users:

Overview: Similar to Mac users, you must be using the "Law" network SSID and have a functioning connection to the network share for your work group. You must copy your batch file that connects to the drive share (idrive.bat, rcrjp.bat, etc) and edit that file slightly to reflect the connection to a different network location.

1. If you haven't already, copy or move your batch file to your desktop.
2. Right click on the batch file and choose "Copy" then right click on an open area of your desktop and choose "paste." (This will create a file titled "copy of **original filename**"
3. Right click on the copy and chose "Rename" and set the name to "Scan Directory.bat"
4. Right click on the "Scan Directory.bat" file and choose "Edit"
5. Modify the file to resemble the following:
Batch file edit

Note that the "password" and "studentID" should already be in the file for you as you're editing a copy of an original file that already has your info in it.

6. MAKE SURE to change the drive letter to an unused drive letter. (In the above example, change the P to  Z for example.)
7. Save the file.

To connect to the Scan directory, just double click on the newly created / modified batch file that's on your desktop.

For questions or comments, please email, call 2-5242, or stop by room 2270.

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