WiscVPN - Static IP Sales/Management site

WiscVPN offers a static IP service for UW Departments. With a static IP address, users receive the same IP address from the WiscVPN server every time they log in. The static IP service is available only for departmental use and requires a valid requisition number to sign up for the service.

Note: In order to complete the purchase you must be listed in a department roster, your department supervisor will need to verify your affiliation, and your department supervisor will give you the department UDDS to complete the form/purchase.

The WiscVPN Static IP Sales page can be found here: https://techstore.doit.wisc.edu/vpn/login.asp

The Static IP Sales site provides options to request a new IP, view currently assigned IPs, and disconnect IPs that are no longer needed. The Static IP Sales page automatically processes requests for new static IPs and disconnecting existing IPs. New IP requests are processed and ready to use within 4 hours. Disconnects are processed immediately.