SIS - Service Indicators/Holds: Change


A Service Indicator, often referred to as a hold, that is on a student’s record indicates something that has been completed or needs to be completed, such as meet with an advisor or pay a fee. You may need to change something on a service indicator, such as Term, Start Date, Code, Reason, Amount, Contact or Comment.

To change an existing service indicator on a student’s record, follow the steps below:
  1. Navigate to Manage Service Indicators page:
    - Search: Manage Service Indicators; or
    - Tile: Student Records WorkCenter; or
    - NavBar >Navigator: >Campus Community >Service Indicators >Person >Manage Service Indicators
  2. Use the Find page to locate the student’s record.  
  3. Find the specific service indicator you wish to change and select its Code link.
    Service Indicator Select Code link
  4. Change Start Date to current date.
    Tip: Type 'today' or select calendar icon and select 'Current Date'.
    Service Indicator Start Date = today
  5. Change the needed field(s) as advised on Service Indicator Page Field Definitions.
  6. Select OK to save.
    Service Indicator OK button
  7. To search for a different student, select [Return to Search] and [Clear] ID.


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