SIS/Service Indicators - Releasing a Service Indicator


A Service Indicator, often referred to as a hold, is added to a student’s record to indicate something has been completed or needs to be completed, such as meeting with an advisor or paying a fee. Services impacted often include the inability to enroll (add/drop/swap) and/or request official student records, such as an official transcript. Once the student has completed the needed task, the service indicator needs to be removed. In the content below, you'll learn how to release a service indicator.

To release a service indicator from a student’s record, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter, Manage Service Indicators. The Find page will display. Search for the student you want to add a service indicator for by entering their Campus ID# in the "Campus ID" field. Other search fields can be used, but Campus ID is the value you're most likely to know and its use will ensure you're accessing the correct student record. Select "Search".

screenshot of SIS Student Records page with orange box around Manage Service Indicators and Seach with Campus ID

Step 2:

 A summary of the student's service indicators will display on the Manage Service Indicators page. Find the specific service indicator you wish to release and select its "Code" link

screenshot of Manage Service Indicators Summary List with orange box around first code ADV

Step 3:

The Edit Service Indicator page will display. 

Select [Release] button to delete the service indicators. The message, " Are you sure you want to release this service indicator" will display.

Tip: If you have made a mistake and do not want to delete this item, select [Cancel].

screenshot of Edit Service Indicators with orange box around Release Button

Step 4:

Select [OK] to the release message if you want to delete the service indicator. The service indicator will be permanently removed and the Manage Service Indicators page will display.

screenshot of question Are you sure you want to Release the Service Indicator with orange box around OK

Notes: Your security determines which service indicator(s) you can release. It is important to release a service indicator when the student has cleared it or when the service indicator has expired. Once released, the student will no longer see the service indicator in their Student Center nor will it impact them.

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