Memorial Union Reinvestment (Status/Plan) / MUR



Phase I of the Memorial Union Reinvestment Project is now complete. It:Finals Phases of Memorial Union are complete. It:
  • addressed needed upgrades to mechanical, fire and sprinkler systems, as well as cosmetic restoration for many of the Memorial Union's significant spaces
  • transformed the cafeteria-style dining space into multiple unique eateries
  • addressed accessibility issues throughout the central core, east wing, and historic Terrace spaces
  • addressed the Lakefront Gateway Project
  Quick Facts/Project Goals: 

Preserving a Historic Building

The Memorial Union is one of the most beloved and historic buildings on campus. One of the project goals was to enhance this iconic place. The 
design team worked closely with the Wisconsin State Historical Society to ensure we preserved the integrity of the building while improving its 
overall relevance, excitement and vibrancy.

While Der Rathskeller has been preserved, significant changes have been made to much of the east end of the first floor. The coffee house has moved to the southeast corner of the building and Daily Scoop now sits along the east side. The space previous occupied by Lakefront on Langdon also underwent a complete re-imagining. To meet the demands of our students and members, the previous cafeteria style dining has been upgraded to a multiple eateries, each one reflecting the styles and general concept of the very popular dining spaces at Union South, including Strada and Carte. Meanwhile, ample seating and lake views have been preserved.

The Terrace: The historic Terrace and the historic tree canopy have been preserved. The remaining portions of the Terrace, which were last reconstructed in 1985, have been ungraded. For the first time, there Terrace is now completely accessible.This included the addition of ramps to bring the space up to standards, as well as a few additional access paths through the Terrace space. A larger stage was also constructed. Additionally, the outside grade around the north and east sides of the building were brought up to the same level as the first floor inside. This allows for easy flow between the Terrace and the new dining spaces on the north side of the building.