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This document shows how to use Daily Weekly Calendar on your website.

WiscWeb CMS Standard Template Content Classes - Daily Weekly Calendar

Daily or Weekly Calendar

There are several types of calendar content areas in the CMS Standard Template. This KB document is about the Daily or Weekly Calendar (see Monthly Calendar and Event Lists for the others). The content area can be either daily or weekly but not both (the property toogles between the two states). Selecting Weekly automatically shifts the view to Agenda mode.

As with the Monthly Calendar this Daily or Weekly Calendar is not a true calendar like WiscCal or Google Calendar. It is an object in the form of a calendar to which other objects are added (i.e., events). They, too, are objects 'associated with' the Daily or Weekly Calendar in a logical sense but not in any time-based sense. There is NO mechanism for importing events from other calendar systems or calendar data files. Each event must be created and managed one at a time.

To add a Daily or Weekly Calendar do the following:

  1. Open the Page
    open page
  2. Click on Manage Center Blocks
    manage center blocks
  3. Click on Create and connect page
    create and connect page
  4. Select Daily or Weekly Calendar
  5. Type in a title for this Daily or Weekly Calendar in the Calendar Title field
    calendar title
  6. Click OK
  7. You'll now see a Daily or Weekly Calendar open with an configuration panel using which you can Edit Configuration and Manage Events
    calendar properties display
  8. Click on the Reddot for Edit Properties and you'll see this form:
    calendar edit propertiess
  9. Here you can:
    • Modify the Daily or Weekly Calendar title
    • Enable/disable title visibility
    • Select either Daily or Weekly for the Time Period
    • Select either Basic or Agenda for the Display Type.
      • Basic view simply shows the events in a list.
      • Agenda view shows the events on a time-based grid. Because the Agenda View is time-based, the events added must also be edited to set a time for the event's placement on the Agenda View.
  10. After setting the properties as you wish, Click OK
  11. You'll see the Edit Configuration and Manage Events display. If you are first creating the Daily Weekly Calendar you will probably want to enter events. See the next section for how to do that. Otherwise, click on the close Reddot to exit back to the main content area.

Add Events to the Daily Weekly Calendar

To add events to the Monthly Calendar at this time:

  1. Click on RedDot for Manage Events
    calendar edit headline
  2. Click on Create and Connect Page (yes, Create and Connect Page)
    create and connect page
  3. Type event title in Event Title: field
    calendar edit headline
  4. Click OK
  5. The new event will be listed beneath the [Manage Events] heading
    calendar edit headline
  6. Continue this process for more events. If you do not wish to modify any of the event object properties, click on the close Reddot next to the Daily Weekly Calendar name
    calendar edit headline

By default, the event object is put on the day you create it (e.g., if "today" is August 8th, the new event object goes on the Daily Weekly Calendar on August 8) with the time set at the time you create it. This will affect how the event is displayed if you decide to choose the Agenda View.

Edit Event Object Properties

To edit date/time and other event object properties:

  1. Click on the event title in the list of events under the [Manage Events] section
    calendar edit headline
  2. Click on the open Reddot next to the title name
    calendar edit headline
  3. Click on the Red "Edit Elements via Form" Dot next to the event title to edit
    calendar edit headline
  4. A form will open on which you can edit all of the desired event properties. Most of the properties are set with values entered in a single field. Editing the Description and Contact Info properties are done in a Text Editor form to allow more control over the entered information. Event object fields are: Headline, Full Day Event (Yes/No), Date (Required), End Date, Start Time, End Time, Location, Description, Web Site URL, and Contact Info
    calendar edit headline
  5. Clicking on the edit icon (the pencil) on Date and End Date propertes will bring up a Set Date window using which you can indicate the date of the event. NOTE: the monthly view lists Monday in the first column of the display. Click on OK after selecting the date.
    calendar edit headline
  6. Click OK to exit the Edit Elements via Form window
  7. When done editing the event object, click on the RedDot at the upper left of the display next to the event title
    calendar edit headline
  8. At this point, you will not be taken back to the Manage Events page. You must click on the Back to ... link (arrow in the snapshot below). Once the page loads go back to the Add Events to the Daily Weekly Calendar section in this document to continue editing event object properties.
    calendar edit headline

To manage events in an existing Daily Weekly Calendar open the page on which the Daily Weekly Calendar resides, then jump to the section To add events to the calendar above to continue editing event object properties.

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