GNMIS is a user interface to RRD collections.



UW System Network:

Basic Searching

Verbose Searching


  Using the Search Boxes

Creating lists

  • After executing a search, you can add [or remove] RRDs from a list.  The list names are global, so exercise caution.
  • You can delete a list by removing all entries from the list
  • You can copy a list by selecting all and adding to a new list
  • Use the 'Lists:' drop down to restrict the gnmis database and search terms to a predefined RRD list.

Saving searches

  • After executing a search, you can save [new or overwrite] an existing search by providing a name and clicking "Save Search As:".  The search names are global, so exercise caution.

  • You can display a search by choosing it from the dropdown

  • You can delete a search by running a search and choosing the "delete" button

Things to know

Fun novelty searches

How GNMIS updates itself

There should be very few reasons to run gnmis_update by hand.  If you do, try to run as user 'net' and be cognizant of the two below options.  The two below options are 'slow' if you are updating the entire dataset [1,000,000+ files] but 'fast' if you are only updating a small directory or two.

Usage: /usr/local/gnmis/bin/ [options] [directories]
  -u, --update  Update rrdlast time in DB [slow]
  -v, --verify  Verify calculated columns [slow]