Calendar - Subscription to Medical & PA Student OASIS Calendar in Google Calendar/Android

Instructions for subscribing to the OASIS Calendar in Google Calendar for the Android device platform.

          Android Logo (Small)

1. From a computer (not from phone), open a browser, go to the OASIS website ( ) and login.

Note:  The OASIS calendar must be added to the google account that corresponds to your phone.

          OASIS Login

2. Go to the Calendar page and click on the Export button

          OASIS Export

3. On the Calendar Export page under the My Individualized Course Event Calendar section choose
Google/Yahoo Calendar
for the Calendaring application: then click the Save button.


  4. Highlight and Copy the New URL:

          OASIS Url

5. Log into the Google Calendar account that corresponds to your Android device. On the left hand side of the Google Calendar page
click the drop down arrow next to Other calendars and select Add by URL.

          Add URL

6. Paste in the URL from step 4 into the URL: field and click Add Calendar

          Add Calendar

7. The OASIS Calendar should now show as a subscribed calendar in the corresponding Google account.  The next time your Android device syncs to Google Calendar the events should then show on your device.
Note:  You may need to check your Android settings.  Make sure that your Google account matches the Android device and that it is set to sync to Google Calendar.