Learn@UW - Creating Surveys

Surveys are created by populating questions that reside in the Question Library. Note that the survey tool has a Question Library separate from the Quiz Question Library. Questions cannot be shared between libraries at this time.

Surveys can consist of the following types of questions:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Long Answer
  • Short Answer
  • Likert Scale
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Multi-Select
Creating Survey Questions
  1. Enter the Survey tool on the navigation bar. If survey is not visible, you will need to enable it under Edit Course > NavBars (covered in Learn@UW - Adding Tools to Course Navigation Bar ).
  2. Choose questionlibrary.gif
  3. To better organize survey questions, it is wise to create a question folder. To do this choose Section from the Section drop-down menu and click GO.
  4. Enter a Section Name and click Save.
  5. To add questions to the question folder, click on the folder in the side bar.
    Question Library Folder Structure
  6. Choose the type of question from the Section menu. Click GO.
  7. Create your questions. You may click Save, or Save & New if you wish to create more than one question.
  8. When finished, click Back to Survey Administration to create your survey.
Creating a New Survey
  1. Enter the Survey tool on the navigation bar.
  2. Click newsurvey.gif
  3. Enter a name for the survey in the Name box.
    • If you want students to see feedback to question, check give instant feedback box.  Note that this feature is currently only providing question-level feedback, not answer-specific feedback.
    • There are also areas to provide messages at the top, and bottom of the survey, as well as the submission screen which appears after they have completed the survey.
  4. Click on the Restrictions tab.
  5. To make a survey active, you will need to choose Active in the Status menu.
  6. Enter a start and end date for the survey's availability.  If no start or end date are needed, choose No Set Start Date and/or No Set End Date.
  7. If you wish for the students to only take the survey once, enter Limited to 1 response, or enter the number of your choice.
  8. If you want results to be released after a certain date, you can specify that in the Release settings.
  9. Survey results can be tied to a specific user or anonymous.  Once a survey is made anonymous, it cannot be switched back.
    • If you wish for students to be able to see the results of the survey, make sure you select Students in addition to Instructor in the Visible To section.
  10. Click on the Layout/Questions tab.
  11. Click Add/Edit Questions.
  12. To import questions from the Question Library , click Import.
  13. Choose Question Library from the Source Collection drop-down menu, and choose the correct section folder from Source Section. If you did not create a section folder, select Collection Root.
  14. Place a check next to the questions to be used in the survey and click Save when complete.
  15. Click Back to Syrvey Layout/Questions.
  16. When finished, be sure to click SaveSurvey.

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