UW-Madison Box - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Box service through UW-Madison.

What do I do if I am already signed up for a Box personal account using my WiscMail address?

If your WiscMail address is already associated with a personal Box account, you will not be able to establish an enterprise account through UW-Madison. Fortunately, you can switch over to an enterprise account and have your data migrated. Please see the following document for more information: UW-Madison Box - User Cannot Log Into Enterprise Account.

Can I log in using my departmental email address? e.g. bucky@dept.wisc.edu

No. Box requires Single Sign-On (SSO) to login. Only NetID accounts (netid@wisc.edu) are capable of authenticating with SSO.

How much quota am I given?

Beginning on May 4th, 2016, all UW-Madison Enterprise Box.com accounts are allotted unlimited quota. This is effective for accounts, including those created before May 4th, and was applied automatically.

Can I access my Box files offline?

Offline file access is not a native feature for Box accounts but is possible through the use of Box Sync, an official Box app for desktop and certain mobile clients. Information and links to install Box Sync can be found on the following Box support page: Getting Started with Box Sync

Will data from My WebSpace be automatically migrated?

The data you have stored in your personal My WebSpace account will not be migrated to Box.com. However, group directory migration is under consideration.

Does Box.com own or have permission to use the data I upload to my account?

No. You retain intellectual property rights for any and all data stored in a UW-Madison Enterprise Box account, including project directories. The vendor is limited to collecting superficial data used explicitly for purposes of service operation; they at no time may view, use, copy, or sell any account data, including personal information and account content. For more information, see Section 8 of the Internet2 / UW-Madison Box Enterprise Customer Agreement.

What happens to my Box account when I leave the university?

If you are no longer affiliated with university and lose your NetID eligibility, you will no longer be covered under the UW-Madison Enterprise agreement with Box. The University will no longer be able to access your UW-Madison Box account.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to work with your supervisor to identify, migrate, and/or properly store all UW-Madison records so that they can be held in accordance with public records schedules and accessed by UW-Madison if necessary.  In addition, you may have the option of migrating your Box account data to a personal account. The exact procedure for this enterprise to personal account migration has not yet been determined.

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