UW-Madison Box - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Box service through UW-Madison.

What do I do if I am already signed up for a Box personal account using my <first.last>@wisc.edu address?

If your <first.last>@wisc.edu address is already associated with a personal Box account, you will not be able to add it as a linked address to your enterprise account through UW-Madison. You will need to remove your <first.last>@wisc.edu from your personal account and request to have the personal account deactivated (optional).

Steps to remove your @wisc.edu email address from your personal Box account:

  1. Login to your personal box account here: https://account.box.com/login

    • If you do not know the password to your personal account, there will be an option to reset/recover the password.

  2. Access Account Settings from the drop down menu in the upper right corner and scroll down to the Login and Email Addresses section.

  3. Add a non-@wisc.edu email alias to the personal Box account.

  4. Promote your new email address to the primary email address on your personal Box account.

  5. Remove the @wisc.edu address from the  Login and Email Addresses section of the Account Settings page by clicking on the Remove link next to the address.

  6. UW-Madison Box - Linking Alternate Addresses

Optional steps to deactivate your personal Box account:

It takes 120 days for Box to completely purge and release the email address(es) for reuse from an account that has been deactivated. It is recommended that you first remove your <first.last>@wisc.edu from the personal box account before deactivating the account. To deactivate a personal account follow Box instructions for Canceling your Personal or Starter Account

Can I log in using my departmental email address? e.g. bucky@dept.wisc.edu

No, Office 365 Service Accounts can not log-in to UW Madison Box. See Office 365 - Applications that Office 365 service accounts can access using NetID login for the list of services that support O365 Service Account access.

If you would like to use Box to collaborate on files for a group or team, we recommend requesting a Project Directory. For additional information, please see: UW-Madison Box - Project Directories

Users who prefer to collaborate using their departmental address should add it as an alternate address on their primary UW Madison Box account. For information on how to connect your alternate email addresses to your Box account, please see: UW-Madison Box - Alternate Email Accounts.

Note: Box notifications only go to the primary address on the Box account.

Why am I getting an error message when I add an email alias to my account? e.g bucky@box.wisc.edu



Individuals usually receive this error when the address they are attempting to add as a Linked Address is already in use with another Box account. Typically this indicates that you have a personal Box account using the address. We know there are about 1000 personal box accounts that were created prior to March 2017 using UW-Madison <first.last>@wisc.edu and department accounts like bucky@doit.wisc.edu. To resolve this issue please see What do I do if I am already signed up for a Box personal account?.

Does UW-Madison Box use my legal name or my preferred name in my profile?

UW-Madison Box will display your preferred name if you have one set, otherwise your legal name is used. Your Box profile is updated at each login. If you change your preferred name you need to login to Box in order for the change to be reflected in your Box profile. For more information about changing your preferred name see, MyUW - Using the "Preferred Name" App.

How much quota or file storage space am I given?

Beginning June 15, 2020, the default quota for all new UW-Madison Box accounts and Project Directories is 50GB.

Box no longer offers free unlimited storage as part of the UW-Madison Box contract. Storage use and quotas for your individual Box account can be determined by viewing your Account Settings in Box. For more information about viewing your Box Storage Quota please see: UW-Madison Box - View account storage usage and limit.

Box accounts are limited to single file uploads of 15GB or the space available in the Box account. For more information see UW-Madison Box - File Size Limit.

Are my Box files backed up?

UW-Madison Box data is not backed up using traditional nightly backups. Instead, whenever a new version of a file is uploaded to your account, Box stores two copies of the file. One at Box's primary data center and another copy at their secondary data storage facility. UW-Madison Box accounts also maintain up to 100 versions of each file and deleted files are recoverable from the trash for 90-days. However, if a file ages out of the trash or if the file is otherwise purged from trash we can not recover the file. While these measures protect against many failure modes it does not allow us to recover a Box account back to a specific point in time.

How do I recover a deleted item?

Deleted items are recoverable from Trash for 90 days.

For instructions on how to recover deleted items from Trash, see: Accessing the Trash.

How do I transfer ownership of a folder?

You can easily transfer a folder you own to another Box user by inviting them as a collaborator and then changing their collaborator permission to "Owner". See Box documentation on Transferring Folder Ownership. Your collaborator permissions will be downgraded to Editor after the transfer.

Note:If you want to transfer content to a Project Directory you should move the file/folder rather than transferring ownership. See Moving and Copying Files & Folders

Only the content Owner can transfer files/folders to another user. Please work with departing faculty, staff and students to make sure that University files are transferred as necessary. All collaborators, including co-owners, will lose access to content when the primary Owner's account is deactivated. Until deactivation occurs a Co-owner or Editor can copy or move files to a new location.

Can I access my Box files offline?

Offline file access is not a native feature for Box accounts but is possible through the use of Box Sync, an official Box app for desktop and certain mobile clients. Information and links to install Box Sync can be found on the following Box support page: About Box Sync

Note: Box Sync is expected to be deprecated in favor of Box Drive. No date has been announced for when Box will stop supporting Box Sync.

Is Box for G Suite available to UW Madison Box users?

No. Box for G Suite has never been approved for use with UW-Madison Box. If you need to store and edit Google Docs we recommend that you do so in UW-Madison G Suite and not in Box.

Can I collaborate with a Google Group, Office 365 Group or WiscList?

No. While Box will allow you to enter a Group or List email address in the sharing configuration, the individual members will not become collaborators. Box will issue an invitation email that will go to the group but you will see a permission status of "Pending" in the Sharing or Collaboration details for the file/folder. Group members will not be able to access the file or folder that was shared.

Does Box support WebDav?

Box deprecated support for WebDAV on October 25, 2019.

WebDAV connections to Box will continue to work but Box will no longer resolve any issues that may arise as result. You are encouraged to stop using WebDAV and start using the web application, Box Drive, or FTP.

Limited information concerning troubleshooting WebDav connections and known issues can be found on the following Box support page: WebDav with Box

Does Box.com own or have permission to use the data I upload to my account?

No. You retain intellectual property rights for any and all data stored in a UW-Madison Enterprise Box account, including project directories. The vendor is limited to collecting superficial data used explicitly for purposes of service operation; they at no time may view, use, copy, or sell any account data, including personal information and account content. For more information, see Section 8 of the Internet2 / UW-Madison Box Enterprise Customer Agreement.

What happens to my Box account when I leave the university?

Only Faculty, Staff and Students that have a current UW-Madison affiliation are eligible for a Box account. When you leave the University your account will be deactivated and deleted. All collaborators, including co-owners, will lose access to content when the primary Owner's account is deactivated. For more information on account deactivation, please see: Help Desk - Resources for Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics account changes or deactivations

It is your responsibility to work with your supervisor to identify, migrate, and/or properly store all UW-Madison records so that they can be held in accordance with public records schedules and accessed by UW-Madison if necessary.