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Students that are enrolled in at least one class will have their class schedule automatically synced with their Office 365 calendar. This document explains the process in detail.


Any classes that a student is officially enrolled in will be added to the primary calendar in their NetID account (e.g. The process runs at a regular interval to sync any changes to the student's class schedule, including class adds and drops.

Please note that this syncing process will not be able to detect if a student has already manually added their class schedule to their calendar. Duplicates may be created if they have already been created by the student.

What is included?

  • Any class that has a meeting is included on the appropriate days and times
  • The course names are given as the event title
  • Each meeting includes building and room number in the "Location" field, when one is provided
  • The "Description" field contains a link to Google Maps for the location, when the location is provided

What is not included?

  • Details such as names or email addresses of other students are not included for privacy reasons
  • Certain class types that do not have meetings, such as field study and independent study
  • Instructor information

When will my class schedule appear?

Courses will typically appear in the calendar within one week before the first day of class. The exact date varies from year to year. If your courses are not appearing in your calendar and school has not yet started, please allow more time to pass.

Updates to Schedule

Any updates to a student's class schedule, such as adding or dropping a course will be reflected in the calendar for the student after the next sync. Students may need to wait up to 24 hours to see changes reflected on their calendar.

Changes made to the events within a student's calendar will not be affected, unless the class that has been modified is changed or dropped.

Can I opt out?

It is not possible to opt out of this process. If you wish to remove classes from your calendar, they can be deleted. Deleted class events will not be re-synced with the calendar unless information about the class changes. Dropped courses will automatically be removed. Courses that are added later will need to be manually removed after the next time the class schedule syncs.

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