Year Of Innovation



For more than 160 years, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has pushed the boundaries of what is known, and the limits of what is possible. From dairy science to dance to Vitamin D, our relentless pursuit of new knowledge has made us a world leader in research, teaching, and service.

For the 2012-2013 Academic Year, UW-Madison celebrated The Year of Innovation.

The year focused on three distinct themes.
  • The first theme reinvigorates the University’s longstanding commitment to innovation in how we teach, how we research, and how we operate.
  • The second theme explores campus and community interactions and examples of innovation through social entrepreneurship, engaged scholarship and service learning.
  • The final theme examines the real-world impact of UW-Madison innovations in the area of technology transfer and knowledge transfer.
“We have created an environment that stimulates the imagination and encourages discovery at UW-Madison,” says Interim Chancellor David Ward. “That culture has sparked innovative approaches that solve technological, medical and social problems. It also leads us to new and creative ways to advance the arts and humanities.”

“My hope is that the Year of Innovation will expand entrepreneurship, discovery, and creativity in ways that will engage and benefit the entire campus and the broader community,” says Ward.

The Year of Innovation is co-sponsored by the University of Madison-Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).