IRB Member Newsletter--Volume 6 (Fall 2012)

Fall 2012

Updates for IRB Members

Welcome to New Health Sciences (HS) and Minimal Risk (MR) IRB Members!
We are happy to welcome the following new members to the Board and look forward to their contributions:
Welcome to you all and we look forward to working with you over the coming year!

Thank you to the following HS IRB members who are leaving the committee.  We have enjoyed working with each of you and are sorry to see you leave!

OHRP Audit Resolution

The Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) has concluded its not-for-cause audit of the University's human research subjects protection system. Two minor findings were noted in the close out report. We are pleased that our program continues to meet the high standards set by OHRP and other agencies.

IRB Meeting Attendance
In order to keep IRB meetings running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, please keep the following in mind:
New Points of Contact for IRB Member Questions
IRB members are encouraged to contact the IRB office with any questions they have.  In order to better serve you, the HS IRBs Office has instituted a point of contact system for IRB members.  Please contact the following people with any questions or concerns, including help with ARROW, IRB meeting logistics, and guidance on conducting reviews:

HS IRB Members POC
Gemma Gliori,, 261-1157
Brooke Mechelke,, 263-8880
MR IRB Members POC
Chelsea Dahmen,, 265-4389

For specific questions about a protocol you have been assigned, please contact the staff reviewer assigned to that study.

If you will miss or be late for a meeting, please continue to alert the IRB main office at 263-2362 or email

Get to Know Your Guidance Documents
Please remember that the following guidance documents are available on the IRB member page of the HS-IRBs website.

2013 IRB Meeting Schedules and Attendance Confirmations
The HS IRBs Office has begun to confirm attendance for the 2013 MR IRB and HS IRB meetings among each reviewer group.  We are requesting that all IRB members review and reply to requests for confirmation sent from  Your prompt reply is appreciated in creating the 2013 MR and HS IRB meeting schedules and confirmation of attendance prior to the end of the calendar year.   We would like to thank our HS and MR IRB members for the past and continued service to the HS IRBs.

Spotlight on HRPP Policy: IRB Member Conflict of Interest
The UW-Madison has a policy that defines when IRB members are considered to have a conflict of interest and thus cannot participate in the review of a research study. Any IRB member with a conflict of interest in a research protocol under review by the IRB must disclose the conflict of interest to the IRB Chair and leave the room during the discussion of the protocol and the related vote, except if the member is providing information at the IRB’s request. IRB members have a conflict of interest with respect to a protocol when:
For more details, please see the IRB Conflict of Interest Policy.