TAM - Job Group Analysis Report

Identifies a business unit's hires by job group.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category:  SQR Report
Audience: HR Staff, Recruitment Facilitators, and Service Center
Overarching Process: TAM 6.00 - Manage Applicants
Navigation: HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > UW Reports > Job Group Analysis

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General Description:

This report provides a way for business units to track hires within an Affirmative Action job group.   The report pulls together gender, ethnicity, disability and veteran data about each hire from a specified job group. This data may be useful for analysis when a job group is underutilized and affirmative action goals have been identified.

Data for this report is captured through the Manage Hires functionality in HRS. If Manage Hires functionality is not used at the time of hire, the hires may not be present on the report. 

    Process Inputs:

    Required Process Parameters: 

    • Date Range 
      • (From Date - To Date)
    • Business Unit

    Optional Process Parameters: 

    • Department
      • Enter a department to get data only for a specific department.
      • Leave this blank to get data from all departments in your business unit.
    • UWC/UWEX Program Area
    • Job Groups
      • Enter a % to get data from all job groups in your business unit.
      • You may enter one or several specific job groups by adding a row and entering additional job groups.
      • Data is job group specific.  Data from different job groups are not mixed together.
      • When job openings do not include a job group, the report will print those hires together on the last page of the report when % is entered as the job group parameter.


    Process Outputs:

    Output Format: This report will be in an Excel format.

    Which Hires Will Be Included on this Report?

    • Only hires made using Manage Hires Functionality will always be included.  Hires not completed using Manage Hires may not be included. 
      • Manage Hires functionality pulls applicant data directly from TAM into HRS.  In this process the new employee's Empl ID is automatically written back to the applicant's record on the job opening and the TAM job opening ID number is automatically populated on the UW Custom job data page in the HR module.  (See Screenshot below)
      • If a TAM job opening ID is present on the HR job data page, the person will be included on the report. 
    • Valid HR Action Codes for the hire include:  Hire, Rehire, or Transfer.  (See TAM - Hiring an Applicant for more information.)

    Report Sections:

    Report Headings:  (Number 1)

    • Report ID
    • Run Cntl ID
    • Date Range
    • Company
    • Business Unit
    • Department
    • AA Job Group (s)
    • UWC / UWX Program Area
    • From / To Date


    Report Fields: (Number 2)

    • Job Group
    • Department
    • Job Opening ID
    • Job Code & Title
    • Comp Rate
    • Total Hires
    • Female
    • Male
    • Race/Min
    • Disabled
    • Veteran
    • Protected Veteran


    Totals and Percent of Total: (Number 3)

    • Total Hires for this job group:  Total hires, total female hires, total male hires, total race/min hires, total disabled hires, total veteran hires and total protected veteran hires
    • Percent of total = Total hires in the category/total hires (For example:  Total Female Hires/Total Hires)


    Adverse Impact Data: (Number 4)

    • Adverse Impact is based on the 80 Percent rule.  If the adverse impact calculation is 80 percent or greater, there is no adverse impact for that group.  If the adverse impact calculation is less than 80 percent, there is an adverse impact.
    • Calculations are based on raw numbers.
      • (Total female hires/total male hires in this job group) *100 = 80 percent rule for females
      • (Total racial/ethnic minority hires/total non ethnic hires) *100 = 80 percent rule for racial/ethnic minorities
    • If an applicant identifies with a an ethnicity of Non Specified or Decline to Respond, they are not included in either the Race/Ethnic Minority Hires total or the Non Minority Hires total.

     Sample Report:  


     Additional Information:  

    Job Groups (See Screenshot below)
    • When creating a job opening, enter a job group ID on the job opening details page.  This must be entered for the report to pull the hires by job group IDs.  When this field is left blank, the report will print those hires together on the last page of the report when % is entered as the job group parameter.
    • If you'd like your job group numbers to be specific to your business unit, you can consider starting the job group number with your one letter campus identifier.  For example, UW Stout would start their job group codes with the letter L, UW Green Bay with the letter D, etc.
    • Job Group numbers are limited to 6 characters.


    Process Considerations:

    This report will be run only on an Ad Hoc basis.

     Security Roles

    Users with the following security roles will have access to run this report.

    • Recruiter:  Access to all departments and job openings within their business unit.
    • TA Affirmative Action:  Access to all departments and job openings within their business unit.

     Related Policies

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    Related Job Aids:

    Related Forms:

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