TAM - How to Submit an Application from Draft Status

Applicants occasionally do not fully complete their application and the application remains in draft, or 'not applied' status. There could be many reasons for this, such as, they saved their application as a draft, they were timed out of the system, there was a service interruption during their application, they were kicked out during their application, etc. When this occurs, applicants may try to reapply and receive an error message stating "you have already applied to this job number...you cannot apply again for the same job" and contact the institution stating they cannot apply. This document explains how an applicant can successfully complete and submit their own application.

Prior to following the steps below a Recruiter at your institution may wish to verify whether the applicant is in Draft status.  To do so, the Recruiter can use the Find Applicants functionality by navigating to: HRS Main Menu > Recruiting > Find Applicants.  Once confirmed that the applicant is in Draft status, then follow the steps below.

Steps for applicants to submit applications from draft status:

1. For External Applicants (those not currently employed by any UW institution), ask the applicant to log into Candidate Gateway.  www.careers.wisconsin.edu. Then, follow Steps 2 - 8 below.

    For Internal Applicants (current UW employees) who started the application in Self Service, ask the applicant to log into HRS Self Service. Log in to HRS

    If asked, select the current employing institution from the menu and click GO

    Enter campus credentials to log in.


   Once logged into HRS, navigate to Self Service > Recruiting Activities > Careers.  Then follow Steps 2 - 8 below.

2. Click on the Applications link in My Career Tools.


3. Select the job from the list with Not Applied as a Status.    

NOTE: Applicant may need to change the timeframe in the "Display applications from" drop down menu and click "Refresh" to update the application listing.


4. This brings them back in the application which has already been started.  Check the following to ensure the application is complete. (See KB document 19833 HRS TAM - How to Apply for a Job On-line (External Applicant), https://kb.wisc.edu/hrs/page.php?id=19833 for more information.

1. Is a resume/CV attached?

2. Are the required additional attachments included, such as cover letters, transcripts, etc?  *Make certain to upload all required materials to ensure the application is considered complete. 

3. Are all 4 sections answered? (Preferences, Online Questionnaire, References, How did you find out about the position?) 

5. After all sections have been completed, click the Submit button.   


6. This brings up the Submit Online Application page.  Complete the Self Identification Details, Request for Confidentiality, and the Terms and Agreements sections. Once all the sections are completed, click the Submit button.  To review the application before submitting, click the Cancel button.  *Once the application is submitted, changes can no longer be made. 


7. You will see a message asking if all required materials are attached. Click Yes to submit, click No and then Return to Previous Page to make further changes.

*Once the application is submitted, changes can no longer be made.


8. After submitting, the My Applications page appears, listing the jobs for which the applicant has applied, or for which they have started the application process.

To verify that the application has been successfully submitted:

1. Check for the "You have successfully submitted your job application" message on the My Applications page. 

2. The job will be listed in the Applications column along with Applied in the Status column in the My Applications section. 

3. The applicant will receive a confirmation email.


Note: If after following these steps, the applicant is still not successfully applied, then contact your Affinity Group at the Service Center for assistance. 



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